Waysigning design is an independent consultancy in wayfinding strategy and information systems.

The expertise of waysigning design includes:
• Expert walk-through, providing an evaluation of the current situation, an overview of the main bottlenecks, and an indication of where to look for solutions
• Design of total wayfinding strategies and information systems, including the development of guidelines and manuals
• Design of all individual signs or the supervision of third parties contracted to design such signs
• Design of maps, instructions, pictograms, and screen interfaces
• Supply of special information and wayfinding solutions, such as escape-route signage
• Supervision of the testing of signs and pictograms
• Supervision of the realization phase of the project

Waysigning design is not only a uniquely qualified specialist in developing wayfinding solutions, but also understands how to lead a team to a common goal and is skilled in meeting client needs while abiding by government regulations.

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